Having compassion for ourselves and others is possible when we are willing to look within at the places we’ve been witholding compassion from–those places we’d rather avoid and not feel compassionate toward.

We must have courage to look because if we look long and honestly enough, we will start to see the heartbreaking truth that what we saw as unforgivable was really innocent through and through. Where we thought we’d find “badness” through clear seeing we find the truth of innocence. We begin to see that there was no possible way to do it any differently than we did at the time. We can see that the judgement, guilt, and anger towards ourselves is unfounded and let it go.

The ability to perceive the truth of innocence is a result of this courageous looking.

Seeing our utter deservingness of infinite love and understanding can sometimes bring tears of grief for the undeserved cruelty with which we’ve treated ourselves and others.

We have to expose the parts we’d d rather avoid to the light of our inner sight. We have to want the relief that comes from authenticity more than we want the false security that comes from avoidance and pretending.

Exposing ourselves to the feelings we fear may destroy us leads to the discovery that we  are not what we feared.  We can see that we are the greater space of consciousness which is indestructible and totally benevolent, holding all of life in the vastness of its embrace which welcomes absolutely everything.

The simple willingness to look is what reveals the deeper truth of our Being. In the light of that seeing, there is the possibility of realizing that nothing the mind says is ultimately true and nothing our thoughts tell us can touch the greater reality of the heart which holds all equally in love.


The eyes of the heart see truth

Only you can anoint yourself with this blessing, this blessing of self-love and the recognition of your innocence. This love is better than any temporary, passing approval that comes from the outside world. And this self-blessing goes on to nourish and heal the world. Because you have received from yourself what only you could give, you now can offer that reflection of self-blessing to the world. You carry it within you, transmitting it to others around you because your heart is a microcosm of the one heart that lives in all.

Your self-blessing blesses us all

When we judge ourselves or judge the moment we are fragmenting ourselves, artificially dividing ourselves into fragments of conceptual labels that are nothing but super-structures of the mind with no inherent reality of their own. We’re living from an image or an idea of what should be rather than from what truly is. Let the super-structure fall, let it go. Stand revealed as the love that you are by courageously looking within.

When you love yourself you claim your unity with all life. You claim your true identity as love.

Looking through the fears to see who you truly are is an act of bravery, requiring a hunger for what is real. The courage to keep going, through the discomfort and pain of facing illusions, is the price of truth, but there is nothing else in the world that will truly satisfy our hunger than going to the core to discover who we truly are.

Once you see the innocence of yourself, you can then see the innocence of everything, of Life itself.

I truly believe that self-love is the most revolutionary and powerful force on the planet. Bless your heart, bless your body, bless your soul–as you do, you bless us all.