Refections and Musings: 

Kissing Life on the mouth.

Feeling life run through my veins.

Feeling life stream out of my eyes.

Feeling it dance in my bones.

I can’t get away from the Love that I am.

This is Bliss.

This morning I am in your heart kissing you from the inside.

Can you feel me?


No condition is required. Despite what the mind says, no condition is required to feel the love that you ARE. It is possible in any condition, in any situation, to BE LOVE, to feel yourself as the source. It becomes increasingly clear that it’s actually impossible to NOT be love, as it is the very essence of what you are made of. Sadness, jealousy, grief, anger…all love at the core. Just appearances arising and disappearing within the love that you are.

Love is like a concentric circle that, no matter what appears, love is always present around it, by virtue of the fact that it exists. The concentricity of love is infinite. Everything is always already contained within it. It surrounds and pervades every single nook and cranny of this universe. The appearance of separation is an illusory effect of the mind which automatically divides and fragments everything.

Our sight becomes transformed to see the truth that existence=love, as we release our attachment to the mind and surrender to the unknown,to the fact that we actually know nothing for sure. Through facing and embracing our innate “insecurity” as the mind would call it,we actually awaken to true security, which is always here, now in this moment, by virtue of our existence.  You exist=You are love.


Everything that is experienced is the Self. Nothing can be outside of this love. My only desire is to simply continue to empty myself of all that is not the Self. It’s this intense desire to be reduced to absolute nothingness. It’s a desire to disappear into the Beloved. It’s actually a desire for death, for annihilation into God. And when I really feel my nothingness, there is laughter and joy because I can see that the Self is everything. I am love. I am overflowing. Living as this nothingness, God lives through me and does the work of this life. I have been obliterated into love. Every moment is so simple and yet saturated in unspeakable love and freedom.  I see that everything is holy. Everyone is God. This love is so huge that I want to just keep offering everything, everything to it. Tears, tears, tears keep flowing, as I become ever-more absorbed into its light; its light that is everywhere and emanating from everything. I have drowned in love. There is no more of me, no more, no more.



The mystics speak of “inner poverty.” Inner poverty is giving everything to the Beloved, not holding onto anything for oneself, not even attachment to your own individual life. Inner poverty is not scarcity. It is actually true abundance, because you are only giving away what you are not, and abiding as what you truly are. You make space for God to take over and live your life. It is the great unburdening. It is surrendering over and over to the Self. Life becomes light, has a flow, has sweetness to it. The more you give yourself to love, the sweeter life becomes. A sweetness present even in sadness, even in fear, even in anger. The sweetness of being. This is the embrace of the One, where you are the one that is embraced, the one who is embracing and the embrace itself.


The free-fall feeling of living life moment to moment. Cutting off the life support to the attachment to someday finding a foothold in some kind of comfortable mental conclusion. Realizing the free-fall IS the true foothold. The utter simplicity of just Being in each moment feels like a sword that is mercilessly cutting away illusions. Anything that is destroyed or harmed in this radical openness was false in the first place and so there’s no need to protect. Giving everything to the Heart is the sweetest burning–condensing down into the most essential, the most real, the most true.


(Photo Above: Ramana Maharshi)


Giving yourself full permission to be imperfect is the ultimate empowerment. It is the permission to release and live your gifts. When the pressure or expectation of perfection is released, you can simply be who you are without any labels at all. Then your work can find its own life force, going out into the world, an expression of the light that you are. Any labels would only keep it in bondage to a mental abstraction. What is inherently free doesn’t need labels or approval. It just needs to be unleashed.


© 2012 Bethany Webster