I know the moment when Life (my Beloved) and I are completely one

It is when the portals of my senses are filled with unspeakable love



The hum of a fan

The din of traffic

The squawk of a crow

Are Life loving me

And me loving Life



The chair beneath me

A fallen hair on my cheek

My elbow on my hip

Are Life loving me

And me loving Life



Of breath in my throat

Of blood in my veins

Of book in my hand

Are Life loving me

And me loving Life



Dirt and rain

Wine and Bread

My lover’s neck

Are me loving Life

And Life loving me


Each moment of awareness of unspeakable depth,

Like a tadpole under the surface

A twinge of joy in my heart has deep roots

It pervades all


This Beloved, nothing could be more intimate

To be in union with you requires that

Absolutely everything be dropped

Worries about the future, regrets of the past

Concerns about self-image


All must be surrendered in complete devotion

To the One who holds me in this moment, in this space.

Everywhere I look is you and everywhere I look

Is you looking back at me


The price is everything

But it was always yours anyway


I am yours and to you I will return

Not just in physical death, but right now,

In every moment, as I continually submit to you all that is not real


You, the fire of my Being

We are one and could never be separate.

No matter what happens to me, is you

therefore I have no fear, no sorrow


You are what I desire and I can never not be with you

Because you are Life itself


There is nothing between us


I am consumed in your fire

which burns in the heart of every living creature.



© 2012 Bethany Webster