By entering our humanness fully we discover our divine identity.

In a nutshell, consciousness awakens from its slumber in form and realizes itself as the Absolute. Then, as the Absolute, it occupies form consciously.

As we awaken our task is not to reject our human form or flee human endeavors to reside in the ethers. But rather in realizing that we are conscious spirit, we complete the circle, entering even deeper into the body, deeper into our emotions, deeper into the affairs of the world, all while abiding as the Self, with full awareness of our true identity as the One.

This is mastery. This is awakened living. To enter the mystery knowing that this is a play, a movie, a dream and yet not to demean it but rather to more enthusiastically move within it. No matter what forms we create or appear to interact with, we have seen what we truly are and so life becomes an incredible adventure.

To be both human and divine, both form and formlessness we are doing what we are meant to do. The mind becomes a creative servant of the awakened consciousness that abides in that form. The flow of life itself moves through us, motivates us and directs us.

We as consciousness are “re-membering” our true identity as the One behind all forms.

This is what I want to say in this post:

It is safe to be here on this planet, in this body, at this time. It is safe to embrace everything about being a human being. That’s what we’re here for—to be human beings! To experiment and explore everything about it, the ecstasy and the mess!

By acknowledging and embracing our humanity, our apparent foibles, flaws, issues, contradictions, etc. we naturally shed what is false and birth ourselves into what we already are: unconditional presence. Without name and form, but capable of creating names and forms for the joy of existence, of Being.

Yay for being human! We are magnificent and capable of so much—perhaps more than humans have ever done before. This is a time of incredible opportunity, freedom and potential.

Embrace yourself deeper than ever before! Commit to loving yourself no matter what. You are love itself, in a body having experiences in order to have the experience of growth and evolution. Why? Because that’s what consciousness does—it has experiences for the joy of it. (Even if when it doesn’t feel joyful, it’s the joy of existing, of experiencing.)

Go for it! In this moment challenge yourself to love more than ever, to experience the potential of every moment–for you are infinite, vast and eternal! That’s how amazing you really are! Explore. Be curious. There’s no end-point and no final conclusion. Dive in!

Our task is awakened embodiment.

Love your humanness, because as you do you automatically embody your Divine Self.