Watching the de-construction of all one’s defenses is one of the most disorienting experiences one can have. At a certain point, we are stripped of the images and concepts that have been habitually used to create a false self and a false sense of control. It is seen how parts of oneself are complicit in the postponement of the grief that is at the heart of all seeking.

Ultimately we have to face that what we’re seeking in things and experiences is impossible to be found in anything or anyone “out there”. By seeing this deconstruction take place, in the death of long-held beliefs and hopes lies the truth, the truth that what you really desire is your own simple presence which is always available now.

It is seen that in your simple presence is the entire universe, all that has ever been or will be. In the simplicity and nearness of your own Beingness is the end of all seeking and desiring. But this can’t be fully lived until all the defenses and patterns of separation have been seen, fully seen to be nothing but postponement of the inevitable; a defense against reality.  

Your Beingess will automatically bring up what needs to be seen. All that you have to do is see. Be willing to see. When the false has been seen, it will dissolve and there’s nothing left to do but dive….dive fully into the love of your own Being, which is the source of all love.

This can’t be forced. It’s a gradual process, like snow melting in spring. In the willingness to shine your awareness on what is not real, the real emerges more and more until you see that it has always been who you are.

This process is evolutionary, a force of nature, not something that can be controlled or rushed in any way. Just your willingness and a hunger for truth is what is needed. Grace will take care of the rest.

Artwork by Mara Friedman

(Art by Mara Friedman)