Hello! Welcome to my blog, “The Embrace of Being.” I created this blog in order to write about my passion for self-transformation and to connect with others.

Over time, I’ve found that leaning into the unknown and intentionally facing the places that have scared me, has led to the most profound and transformative shifts of my life.

Living a life of deep integrity has been important to me since I was very young. There’s been a persistent desire to discover the “truth”of life and to live it in courage, authenticity and deep love. My commitment to truth has taken me to unexpected places, often very uncomfortable, sometimes deeply painful, and other times exhilarating and ecstatic.

Beneath these ups and downs of being human, I’ve discovered an abiding love that is present no matter the outer or inner circumstances. In fact, I’ve found that this is not actually love in the traditional sense of “love” at all. Rather, this deep and pervading love, is synonymous with existence itself. I call this love the  “embrace of being.” Some call it “awakening” or our “natural state.” I’ve decided to start writing about this discovery, with the intention of connecting and sharing with others, both those for whom living in the “embrace of being” is already a way of life and for those that are just opening up to this possibility.

Beingness is common to all living things. That sense of “I am” is the heart of what it is to be alive. While often overlooked and taken for granted, this basic sense of being is a place of incredible depth.

In taking the risk of de-emphasizing what we typically focus on, such as our thoughts, beliefs, opinions, emotions, etc., we open up to emphasizing what has always been there in the background, our sense of Being. Simply existing. While this may sound incredibly simple and anti-climactic to the mind, it is truly a leap into the unknown, into the mystery of life. In fact, it is a leap into your Self.

It’s possible to connect with your simple Being-ness in each moment, to make it the center of your life and to discover who you truly are.

The attempts to obtain status, approval, and possessions are all attempts to protect ourselves from the void, that emptiness and ominous sense of death that arises from time to time; at the end of a relationship, the loss of a job, those times when our sense of security is undermined by an unexpected turn of events. We’ve learned through cultural conditioning that we must continue seeking and striving at all costs and that to slow down, to stop seeking is taboo and could lead to some kind of mortal loss. What we don’t realize is that our liberation lies in befriending this emptiness. In fact, when we turn toward that sense of emptiness that we’ve feared, it turns out that it’s not the emptiness that we feared it was–it actually transforms into a fullness that we could not have previously imagined.

Living from the “known” results in living our lives primarily from our minds at the expense of our hearts and bodies. Surrendering to the embrace of being, is sinking into our hearts and bodies where we can directly experience the truth of our Being–in this moment–now. It’s turning our cultural conditioning upside down. It’s a transfer of identity from thinking–to Being. This can be rather uncomfortable, especially at first, and so having support in this holy endeavor is key. I hope this blog will be a source of support for those that are opening up like never before and surrendering to living the most authentic life possible.

There’s a deep relief that comes from finally admitting to ourselves that despite all of our knowledge, and despite our incessant striving– we still do not know, and we cannot control life to conform to our expectations. In admitting this, there is the possibility of true surrender, and in that space of surrender, the light of Being can shine through. That light that shines is who you truly are.

The astounding miracle of life is that each one of us is a totally unique embodiment of the one love at the heart of all creation and every moment is a new opportunity to open ever-deeper to the profound love at the core of our Being.

For me writing this blog is another step into the unknown because using words to speak about spiritual awakening and self-transformation is rather tricky and can be downright challenging, as language is so inadequate in these areas. Nevertheless, I see no other way I’d rather spend my time, than to continually fail and never give up at pointing to that which cannot be adequately described, but can only be directly experienced by each of us.

© Bethany Webster 2012