Hello! Welcome to my blog, “The Embrace of Being.” I created this blog in order to write about my passion for self-transformation and to connect with others.

Over time, I’ve found that leaning into the unknown and intentionally facing the places that have scared me, has led to the most profound and transformative shifts of my life.

Living a life of deep integrity has been important to me since I was very young. There’s been a persistent desire to discover the “truth”of life and to live it in courage, authenticity and deep love. My commitment to truth has taken me to unexpected places, often very uncomfortable, sometimes deeply painful, and other times exhilarating and ecstatic.

Beneath these ups and downs of being human, I’ve discovered an abiding love that is present no matter the outer or inner circumstances. In fact, I’ve found that this is not actually love in the traditional sense of “love” at all. Rather, this deep and pervading love, is synonymous with existence itself. I call this love the  “embrace of being.” Some call it “awakening” or our “natural state.” I’ve decided to start writing about this discovery, with the intention of connecting and sharing with others, both those for whom living in the “embrace of being” is already a way of life and for those that are just opening up to this possibility.

Beingness is common to all living things. That sense of “I am” is the heart of what it is to be alive. While often overlooked and taken for granted, this basic sense of being is a place of incredible depth.

In taking the risk of de-emphasizing what we typically focus on, such as our thoughts, beliefs, opinions, emotions, etc., we open up to emphasizing what has always been there in the background, our sense of Being. Simply existing. While this may sound incredibly simple and anti-climactic to the mind, it is truly a leap into the unknown, into the mystery of life. In fact, it is a leap into your Self.

It’s possible to connect with your simple Being-ness in each moment, to make it the center of your life and to discover who you truly are.

The attempts to obtain status, approval, and possessions are all attempts to protect ourselves from the void, that emptiness and ominous sense of death that arises from time to time; at the end of a relationship, the loss of a job, those times when our sense of security is undermined by an unexpected turn of events. We’ve learned through cultural conditioning that we must continue seeking and striving at all costs and that to slow down, to stop seeking is taboo and could lead to some kind of mortal loss. What we don’t realize is that our liberation lies in befriending this emptiness. In fact, when we turn toward that sense of emptiness that we’ve feared, it turns out that it’s not the emptiness that we feared it was–it actually transforms into a fullness that we could not have previously imagined.

Living from the “known” results in living our lives primarily from our minds at the expense of our hearts and bodies. Surrendering to the embrace of being, is sinking into our hearts and bodies where we can directly experience the truth of our Being–in this moment–now. It’s turning our cultural conditioning upside down. It’s a transfer of identity from thinking–to Being. This can be rather uncomfortable, especially at first, and so having support in this holy endeavor is key. I hope this blog will be a source of support for those that are opening up like never before and surrendering to living the most authentic life possible.

There’s a deep relief that comes from finally admitting to ourselves that despite all of our knowledge, and despite our incessant striving– we still do not know, and we cannot control life to conform to our expectations. In admitting this, there is the possibility of true surrender, and in that space of surrender, the light of Being can shine through. That light that shines is who you truly are.

The astounding miracle of life is that each one of us is a totally unique embodiment of the one love at the heart of all creation and every moment is a new opportunity to open ever-deeper to the profound love at the core of our Being.

For me writing this blog is another step into the unknown because using words to speak about spiritual awakening and self-transformation is rather tricky and can be downright challenging, as language is so inadequate in these areas. Nevertheless, I see no other way I’d rather spend my time, than to continually fail and never give up at pointing to that which cannot be adequately described, but can only be directly experienced by each of us.

© Bethany Webster 2012


© Katherine Scriffignano

The most empowering thing I’ve discovered in life was not something ecstatic or “spiritual.” It wasn’t found in feelings of bliss. It was found in the very place I did not want to look and after all other options were seen to be obsolete. There was no place to go but down, down into what I called “the black hole”  that place of despair, of total powerlessness and terror. I realized that my whole life I had been doing whatever I could to avoid contact with this place buried deep within me.

The black hole was what felt like an overwhelming sense of  “badness” and a deep-seated fear that other people would see that I am bad, awful, and repulsive. It was a sense that at my core I was truly awful. The main way that I avoided this place was through appearing to have it all “together” and by striving to always be successful, happy, and good. Even though I had experienced tremendous growth and true happiness and success, there was still this background suspicion of myself that I was really bad and people couldn’t really see it. There was a fear that once they did, they would run the other way.

There was not a clear sense of what this “badness” was. It was vague and undefined. However, the main emotion connected with it was an overpowering despair, like wanting to die.

Most of my life I wasn’t conscious of this sense of inner “badness” until I started becoming aware of my inner dynamics and patterns. When I did finally become conscious of it, I had already been in therapy for years and had transformed my life into what I’d always wanted; a beautiful relationship, a great career and an deepening sense of inner safety and trust. Because I had already been on a path of healing for some time and had become attuned to my inner self, the black hole gradually became more acute and in the foreground. It seems that my psyche was eventually strong enough to contain the terror that had been hidden for so long and that my system wanted to release it.

The most empowering thing I’ve ever done was to consciously venture into this  feeling of the “black hole of badness” within. With the help of my therapist and other trusted people in my life including my partner, I was witnessed in this feeling of badness and had a major realization–that I am not and never was “bad” as I had feared. I discovered that at the very foundation of my being, I am innocent, complete, free and eternal. I could feel this throughout my entire body. It truly felt like coming Home. The undefined, dreadful feelings of badness did not kill me as I had feared they would if I allowed myself to feel them. Much to my surprise, where I thought I would find “badness” I found only pure goodness.

What felt like blackness was a door to pure light. 

Through the supportive and skilled witnessing of trusted others, I was able to withstand what I feared most and consciously discover my true nature as infinite, inviolate goodness. I fully saw that  I am thoroughly innocent, strong, beautiful, and at my core, indestructible.  This experience changed my life irrevocably because as I saw myself as I truly am, my view of life and of others greatly transformed as well.

meunier_prodigal son_free_280h

By consciously observing the sensations and feelings in the black hole, I saw that the feeling of badness that I contacted was actually a flashback from infancy when for whatever reason I felt totally abandoned and completely terrified for my life. It was like a crystallized pocket of suppressed energy that had always been there, festering in my core. By willingly and consciously entering the feelings and sensations of the black hole, I observed that as my little infant self, I thought I was going to die and  internalized the experience to mean that I must be thoroughly bad and worthless. I observed that because I experienced being abandoned, I had willingly abandoned myself, knowing intuitively that I had to do this in order to survive. It was a moment of total despair, hopelessness and a kind of existential depression settling in. It was a moment of painful departure, a splitting within. By going back to this dreaded place, I was able to witness the trauma that created the black hole and return to heal the split and reunite with my deepest self.

Elizabeth Catlett mother and child

Looking back, I see how this discovery was the culmination of  an organic process of healing that I had been going through for years–and my entire being was going through a detoxification process from early childhood trauma. This process was natural and not under the purview of my conscious mind. I had little control other than to be simply aware and receptive and trusting to what was unfolding.

Over time as this discovery integrated into my life, I had many insights about how the black hole was also a way of receiving the cumulative generational pain of my family and ancestors. As an infant, I experienced it as a kind of invasion and implantation of pain that was not originally mine, but was being placed in me. Having no choice but to absorb it and metabolize it, it became part of the very fabric of my identity, much like when a splinter becomes absorbed into the skin. Yet, because I had done so much healing, at a certain point my being naturally wanted to expunge the “implant” of pain from my system.

I think we all–to some degree–have a faint unconscious memory of the existential terror of infancy, when we inevitably experienced some form of abandonment or invasion. As infants we were need personified. Because parents/caregivers were human, they made mistakes and we had moments of feeling abandoned or invaded. I have a feeling that the black hole is part of the human experience, holding much suffering that can linger and go unaddressed, greatly limiting our experience of life. Yet, if confronted, holds the key to freedom that opens doors that we didn’t even know were there.

By going into the black hole within, we can discover a light that is indestructible, the light of our true self, that is pure, that is true, innocent, fresh and un-taintable. This is the light of Being.

This is not just an intellectual theory–its a direct experience of our own divinity. Once experienced, anything can happen to you and you know that ultimately you cannot be harmed.

My sense is that when we are ready, the psyche repairs itself by re-experiencing the feelings that were overwhelming and suppressed at the time of trauma. Life does this through us as a way of experiencing it’s all-inclusive, indestructible nature.

Nothing is released until it is loved.

Love welcomes and  accepts everything. We can’t truly know this in our bones until we’ve opened to that which scares us and see that even that, yes, even that is loved and embraced by Life.

Everything that is split off or fragmented within us will be eventually called back–to be consciously welcomed into the wholeness that we truly are.

This is because our true nature, our true self ….is Love.


© 2013 Bethany Webster

(Art credits in order of appearance: Mother and Child by Katherine Scriffigano, Prodigal Son by Constantin Meunier, Mother and Child by Elizabeth Catlette, Unknown)

Being ordinary is a delicious kind of freedom.

When you see that you are loveable in your ordinariness there is no longer a drive to be seen as grand or exceptional.

What prevents us from allowing ourselves to be ordinary are beliefs from childhood and society which state that only certain people, traits and behaviors are acceptable and deserving of love. It’s implicit that we should love ourselves only AFTER we have received approval from others. But we give our power away when we wait for others to give us approval before we approve of ourselves.

You may have experienced at one time or another a fear of being ordinary. In our culture being ordinary is seen as a negative thing. No one wants to be seen as average or mediocre. As children most of us were taught in school or sports that we had to excel, stand out and be the best. The atmosphere of competition fosters a belief in scarcity—that there’s not enough love or recognition for everyone—that it is only available to a chosen few. Early on, this creates a kind of “invisible audience” in the mind—or an inner judge or critic. It doesn’t stop when we make the team, graduate from school or get the dream job. In the western world, the pressure to excel and be extraordinary is intense and unrelenting, from childhood into adulthood.

Seeking “okayness”

It seems that what we’re seeking though external approval is a feeling of unconditional “okayness.” It seems that what we hope to get through external approval is permission to rest—rest from the striving to be extraordinary, for that feeling of “Now I’ve finally made it!” You may have already realized that that day will never come. After every goal is reached, another appears. The mind will continue to create new strategies to obtain some new form approval in the future, convincing us it is just right around the corner. This momentum continues until we realize that “okay-ness” is available in every moment.

The wisdom of exhaustion

We may reach a point of physical and psychological exhaustion—a point of not being able to conjure up the energy to strive anymore. This exhaustion can be trusted. Let exhaustion take you into truth—the truth that you do not have to strive for what you most deeply desire. Your gift to the world, your most precious contribution, is to be your most authentic self.

There is no audience

Realizing this unconditional okay-ness is a gift we can only give to ourselves. It can’t come from the outside.

There is only one time in our lives when we actually do need approval from others to survive, and that is in very early childhood. (An extreme example of this is “Failure to thrive” which refers to when babies die from a severe lack of affectionate mirroring and interactions with the primary caregiver.) Even if we had wonderful parents and survived childhood intact and well-adjusted, there may be trace memories of unmet needs for love that may be unconsciously creating an underlying feeling of “not enough” or a persistent sense that something is missing. The opportunity here is to dive into freedom by actually becoming the internal parent for ourselves that we always wanted.

We all have a natural, genuine need to be seen, loved and cherished. What we’re rarely taught is that ultimately the love we’re seeking is available from within us.

It’s ironic that when we allow ourselves to be truly ordinary, we free ourselves to discover our authentic impulses and desires, which if heeded, lead to our inner gold, our genius, our innate extraordinariness. And yet it doesn’t matter if other people approve or not because we already know deep in our bones that we are thoroughly loveable–in our ordinariness and with all our flaws.

We may do and achieve truly extraordinary things in this world but not until we really take in our very own love towards ourselves—simply for being, no outer recognition will ever feel like enough.  I’m talking about loving ourselves for who we are and for what makes us unique, special and irreplaceable.

When we fully grieve the ways we did not get the love we needed as children, we are free to take in our own love in abundance.

By grieving the past we are free to really see our own beauty and specialness.  This grieving process can take a long time. And you may feel like you are grieving for the generations before you who did not have the chance to grieve. However, a time comes when there is no longer a wall within, a splitting in two, between what we need and what we think we deserve. The inner wall dissolves, we see that we aren’t just fully deserving of love, but that our very substance is love. Fear and craving drop away. What remains is a deep sense of quiet, peace and relief. The momentum of striving slows down. It is seen that there is no one watching or judging. There is no audience. You are free, free to simply be. Free to be ordinary. Where there was a deep wound within, now in the center of your being is an infinite source of love that is your true Self. Outer recognition or approval may come yet it no longer has the power to hurt or inflate you.

This is very powerful work. What you heal in yourself, you heal in the collective.

Motivations change: There’s nothing to obtain

When one really loves oneself and really takes it in deeply, flattery or rejection cannot disorient you. This inner-love is something that can never be taken away, because you know that it is yours, and essentially it is who you are. The things you desire to do are motivated for enjoyment, for what inspires you, not for what it will get you. People and circumstances are no longer seen as objects to get you closer to the goal of “feeling okay.”

There is also a deep compassion for the feeling  of inner scarcity that underpinned the impulse to seek. There is a tender holding and seeing. An embracing where nothing is rejected. It’s like kissing your fingers and toes. Loving yourself from the inside out. Knowing yourself as holy. Feeling that in your body.

Know yourself as holy: Within you is the “Whole” World

This is a place of maturity where we know that everything that we experience is a reflection of how deeply we are willing to embrace ourselves with a love that has no limit. After this seeing, nothing can ever hold power over you. You are sovereign within. You know that you are the source; you ARE what you desire.

self-love image


Often the spiritual search starts out as a way to avoid suffering– a way to escape or solve what is happening in our lives. It’s ironic that what happens is that eventually we see that there is no escape from our fears and they must be faced, yet through the act of facing them they are transformed and seen to be the very things that baptize us into the realization of our true identity…as Love itself.

To survive intact in our families and in our culture we all take on masks to one degree or another. We learn to be false, mistaking the mask to be our true identity. Eventually the mask becomes too painful and we start searching for ways to relieve the pain, realizing that the true relief comes from seeing the mask and removing it.

The mask dissolves as we appreciate what it accomplished for us—survival. 

The mask for me was the mask of the “good girl” who was polite, cheerful, ready to please, and did not have any needs of her own. As a child, I learned that wearing this mask was a way of maintaining peace and normality in my family. It was how I survived, always striving to be better and to be the mediator. This striving, this muscular approach to life had shaped my life force so fundamentally that I didn’t even know that there was another way to live until I became completely exhausted by it. I eventually discovered that this survival mechanism became crystallized into an identity, greatly limiting my experience of life.

I used to have the feeling that I needed to prove my worth which came from feeling invisible as a child, feeling like an object, a doll, used only to help others. Unless acting as a mirror for other people, I felt like I didn’t exist.

Survival mechanisms, masks, etc. are all subjective based on our family of origin and culture. As children we needed the big people to survive and had to play by their rules. But as adults we can look at the masks we’ve identified with and dismantle them. We can become real, not just as the opposite of false, but in a more radical way–real in the sense of original, unique and one-of a kind.  Real in the sense of embodying the gold of our Being. Real as in sovereign and whole. Real as in overflowing.

…Real in the sense of effortlessly being the unique articulation of the Divine that we are, not by striving–but by our simple Beingness.

I used to believe that being “enough” was due to hard work, thus the incessant striving.

Striving helped me achieve much in my life, yet it reinforced the belief that I was not OK as I was, as my original true self. I’ve learned to prayerfully thank the mode of striving for how it has served me and let it go, putting it in the toolbox as one of many tools, but no longer the main lens through which I view life.

Life becomes Enough when we know ourselves as Enough. 

For years, I mourned the situations that caused me to put the mask on in the first place,  allowing all the feelings of anger, rage, grief, sadness, etc. I had to acknowledge all the ways that I felt unloved and unseen. It seemed like a long, long road of grieving with no end in sight. Yet this very process of grieving led to a very ordinary, anti-climactic realization. The realization that I am enough. It sounds so simple. And it is. And yet, so profound.

This feeling of “enough” has a real physical component to it. It’s a different way of being in my body–more fully, more enthusiastically. It’s the freedom to be ordinary. The momentum of striving to prove myself seems to have burned itself out. It’s like someone turned off a loud engine that I didn’t know had been running.

It’s a paradox that we realize “enough” by mourning “not enough” all the way through.

Becoming real has been about embracing all the things I learned long ago to despise in myself–being messy, making mistakes, having needs, etc. These are the very things that make me human and imperfect. It has been through really loving them that I became enough in my own eyes. Now that I know that I am enough, I am able to see others as enough, this moment as enough.

Perfection is one of those oppressive concepts that we are taught we must conform to in order to be loved. Yet perfection is anti-life. It’s a concept–it isn’t real.

“Enough” is so beautiful–beautiful because it is real.


By entering our humanness fully we discover our divine identity.

In a nutshell, consciousness awakens from its slumber in form and realizes itself as the Absolute. Then, as the Absolute, it occupies form consciously.

As we awaken our task is not to reject our human form or flee human endeavors to reside in the ethers. But rather in realizing that we are conscious spirit, we complete the circle, entering even deeper into the body, deeper into our emotions, deeper into the affairs of the world, all while abiding as the Self, with full awareness of our true identity as the One.

This is mastery. This is awakened living. To enter the mystery knowing that this is a play, a movie, a dream and yet not to demean it but rather to more enthusiastically move within it. No matter what forms we create or appear to interact with, we have seen what we truly are and so life becomes an incredible adventure.

To be both human and divine, both form and formlessness we are doing what we are meant to do. The mind becomes a creative servant of the awakened consciousness that abides in that form. The flow of life itself moves through us, motivates us and directs us.

We as consciousness are “re-membering” our true identity as the One behind all forms.

This is what I want to say in this post:

It is safe to be here on this planet, in this body, at this time. It is safe to embrace everything about being a human being. That’s what we’re here for—to be human beings! To experiment and explore everything about it, the ecstasy and the mess!

By acknowledging and embracing our humanity, our apparent foibles, flaws, issues, contradictions, etc. we naturally shed what is false and birth ourselves into what we already are: unconditional presence. Without name and form, but capable of creating names and forms for the joy of existence, of Being.

Yay for being human! We are magnificent and capable of so much—perhaps more than humans have ever done before. This is a time of incredible opportunity, freedom and potential.

Embrace yourself deeper than ever before! Commit to loving yourself no matter what. You are love itself, in a body having experiences in order to have the experience of growth and evolution. Why? Because that’s what consciousness does—it has experiences for the joy of it. (Even if when it doesn’t feel joyful, it’s the joy of existing, of experiencing.)

Go for it! In this moment challenge yourself to love more than ever, to experience the potential of every moment–for you are infinite, vast and eternal! That’s how amazing you really are! Explore. Be curious. There’s no end-point and no final conclusion. Dive in!

Our task is awakened embodiment.

Love your humanness, because as you do you automatically embody your Divine Self.


It seems the opening that has pervaded my heart has now moved down into my gut, deconstructing all the structures that formed my resistance to Life. Not Pleasant.

I feel like I’m in the middle of a foreign land where nothing is familiar. Exhaustion is forcing me to allow something to occur that is beyond my control, an organic process in which there is nothing left of a “me” to defend against the greater reality of the Holy.

Seeing that the mess of life IS the holy reality. Deeply humbling.

Nothing to hold onto. All the things that used to give me a solid sense of self are being revealed as illusory—ideas about myself, core patterns that were based in striving for maternal love, conditioning based on lack, etc.

I’m seeing how the belief in things that used to prop me up and give me a sense of past and future are not valid. What once appeared to be opaque and solid is now revealed as empty as the wind.

It seems that all the shifts  I’ve experienced are integrating and dissolving  my most cherished beliefs and patterns, ones that I did not even know I had. Seeing the beliefs that underpin my preferences and the payoffs for self-rejection. Seeing the ways I’ve actually avoided love and preferred to be separate.

There is nothing left to do but let go. Everything else is being revealed as a dead end.

This is deeply sobering. I don’t even know what it means to “let go.” Only that falling  into this not-knowing is the only honest and sincere response possible.

A sense of total exhaustion, a defeat. Something in me is loosening, something that has been tight for so very long.

Accepting that the Real cannot be possessed or objectified, it can only be embodied. The price of embodiment is to be stripped of all that I have ever clung to.

The dissolving feels violent only in my resistance to it. In the moments of surrender there is a gentle sense of being carried in a restful silence.

The old, familiar patterns are so painful and obsolete now, the ones that used to be comforting….such as finding refuge in the future, striving for a better (fill in the blank), notions of progress, etc.

Seeing that the momentum of thoughts is ultimately innocent and impersonal. This exhaustion is preventing the usual striving to control the mind. All I can do is see.

Seeing how loyal I’ve been to concepts and images to guide me and how these concepts have no inherent truth to them. Yet they used to provide me with a sense of traction and a grip on Life. This grip seemed to be an attempt at ownership over life, over “my life.” Everywhere I turn I seemed to be faced with the reality that the concept of  “my” is a fiction.

Seeing that Life does not need a “me” or the “mind” to maintain it. Life does not need an overlay of concepts, thoughts, images or goals to validate or steer it. Seeing how I used to see Life as the overlay, rather than as it really is.

Life in its purity is actually the absence of this overlay and in this absence there is a current that can be trusted, for it is divine intelligence itself—the same intelligence that beats my heart and breathes my lungs.

Admitting this feels like such relief, as though I can truly rest for the first time. Realizing I’ve been trying to hold up something that is not real and that’s why I feel so exhausted. The letting go is happening outside of what I could even call “my control.” It’s just letting go.

The price of this un-burdening is being stripped and exposed to my own complicity in self-fragmentation.

And there is something fresh emerging as the structures dissolve, a vast, nameless benevolence, a holy intimacy that knows everything as Itself.

As the structures dissolve, I see that there is nothing “to do” because belief in a separate doing is a defense against the reality of One. I can only BE. The “doingness” that wants to occur can only “be done.”

This ancient clench is relaxing into an openness that is beyond the concept of openness….because in this openness there is no such thing as “closed-ness” to compare it to. This radical openness is revealed to be the true state of “what is” in every moment, no matter what form the moment takes.

Heather's morning pic



(photo by Heather Bartels-Hallenbeck)

Watching the de-construction of all one’s defenses is one of the most disorienting experiences one can have. At a certain point, we are stripped of the images and concepts that have been habitually used to create a false self and a false sense of control. It is seen how parts of oneself are complicit in the postponement of the grief that is at the heart of all seeking.

Ultimately we have to face that what we’re seeking in things and experiences is impossible to be found in anything or anyone “out there”. By seeing this deconstruction take place, in the death of long-held beliefs and hopes lies the truth, the truth that what you really desire is your own simple presence which is always available now.

It is seen that in your simple presence is the entire universe, all that has ever been or will be. In the simplicity and nearness of your own Beingness is the end of all seeking and desiring. But this can’t be fully lived until all the defenses and patterns of separation have been seen, fully seen to be nothing but postponement of the inevitable; a defense against reality.  

Your Beingess will automatically bring up what needs to be seen. All that you have to do is see. Be willing to see. When the false has been seen, it will dissolve and there’s nothing left to do but dive….dive fully into the love of your own Being, which is the source of all love.

This can’t be forced. It’s a gradual process, like snow melting in spring. In the willingness to shine your awareness on what is not real, the real emerges more and more until you see that it has always been who you are.

This process is evolutionary, a force of nature, not something that can be controlled or rushed in any way. Just your willingness and a hunger for truth is what is needed. Grace will take care of the rest.

Artwork by Mara Friedman

(Art by Mara Friedman)


Having compassion for ourselves and others is possible when we are willing to look within at the places we’ve been witholding compassion from–those places we’d rather avoid and not feel compassionate toward.

We must have courage to look because if we look long and honestly enough, we will start to see the heartbreaking truth that what we saw as unforgivable was really innocent through and through. Where we thought we’d find “badness” through clear seeing we find the truth of innocence. We begin to see that there was no possible way to do it any differently than we did at the time. We can see that the judgement, guilt, and anger towards ourselves is unfounded and let it go.

The ability to perceive the truth of innocence is a result of this courageous looking.

Seeing our utter deservingness of infinite love and understanding can sometimes bring tears of grief for the undeserved cruelty with which we’ve treated ourselves and others.

We have to expose the parts we’d d rather avoid to the light of our inner sight. We have to want the relief that comes from authenticity more than we want the false security that comes from avoidance and pretending.

Exposing ourselves to the feelings we fear may destroy us leads to the discovery that we  are not what we feared.  We can see that we are the greater space of consciousness which is indestructible and totally benevolent, holding all of life in the vastness of its embrace which welcomes absolutely everything.

The simple willingness to look is what reveals the deeper truth of our Being. In the light of that seeing, there is the possibility of realizing that nothing the mind says is ultimately true and nothing our thoughts tell us can touch the greater reality of the heart which holds all equally in love.


The eyes of the heart see truth

Only you can anoint yourself with this blessing, this blessing of self-love and the recognition of your innocence. This love is better than any temporary, passing approval that comes from the outside world. And this self-blessing goes on to nourish and heal the world. Because you have received from yourself what only you could give, you now can offer that reflection of self-blessing to the world. You carry it within you, transmitting it to others around you because your heart is a microcosm of the one heart that lives in all.

Your self-blessing blesses us all

When we judge ourselves or judge the moment we are fragmenting ourselves, artificially dividing ourselves into fragments of conceptual labels that are nothing but super-structures of the mind with no inherent reality of their own. We’re living from an image or an idea of what should be rather than from what truly is. Let the super-structure fall, let it go. Stand revealed as the love that you are by courageously looking within.

When you love yourself you claim your unity with all life. You claim your true identity as love.

Looking through the fears to see who you truly are is an act of bravery, requiring a hunger for what is real. The courage to keep going, through the discomfort and pain of facing illusions, is the price of truth, but there is nothing else in the world that will truly satisfy our hunger than going to the core to discover who we truly are.

Once you see the innocence of yourself, you can then see the innocence of everything, of Life itself.

I truly believe that self-love is the most revolutionary and powerful force on the planet. Bless your heart, bless your body, bless your soul–as you do, you bless us all.


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